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COACHING is an intentional ongoing conversation that empowers a person or team to fully live out God’s calling. The goal of coaching is for you or your team to listen to the Holy Spirit, discover new perspectives, and empower action that reshapes your life or organization. I am a professional coach credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).




Rich Hansen and EGST Student


  • Good listener  When I meet someone, I usually ask them questions rather than talk about myself.  Effective listening is at the heart of coaching.
  • Equipping spirit  Throughout my 35 years of ministry, I have consistently invested in others to help them grow and succeed.
  • Cross-cultural communicator  Living and working in Ethiopia advanced my sensitivity to worldview issues that determine how we all live our lives, whatever our nationality.



  • Intellectually curious  I focus on the 90% of church culture (like the iceberg) that is below the water line—this is usually where we find the real issues.
  • Diverse background  I speak traditional church language and culture, but bring a wealth of non-traditional perspectives (independent, Pentecostal, charismatic, etc) to my work.
  • Successful vision caster  I have had success in several churches helping leaders and members catch and claim a new vision for their congregation.
  • Big picture thinker  I can visualize how pieces of an organization fit together and how changing one impacts the whole system.


“I am grateful for my ongoing coaching relationship with Rich.  To lead our organization into its second decade and next level of growth I needed to strengthen my leadership capabilities.  Rich is helping me break through my self-imposed glass ceiling with his careful listening and cogent questions that translate into vital goal-setting each month.  As a result of Rich’s coaching, we have increased our client relationships and our capacity to serve those clients with new chaplains.  For the first time in a great while I am enjoying a season of working on our business and not just in it.”

Dr. Paul Gendron

Founder and CEO, Workforce Chaplaincy

“Rich’s coaching was tremendously helpful for me. I felt a bit aimless in several aspects of my ministry, and Rich walked me through each one until I found clarity. In true coaching fashion, Rich was able to draw out the best in me without forcing it. I never felt pushed, only invited. Rich asked the right questions and made keen observations, adding just a pinch of advice here and there when it was truly helpful. Ministry is still often confusing, but I’m clearer than ever about my sense of call and about how I approach the work to which God has called me. Thank you Rich!”

Rev. Dave Dack

Pastor, Lemoore Presbyterian Church, Lemoore, CA

“I had tried coaching a few years ago, but stopped when it was clear that my coach and I were not a match, even though we were good colleagues. My experience with Rich has been very different – he is interested, caring, but not so involved that he takes over. I appreciate his questions, which often give me new lenses through which I can examine my leadership and my functioning, and over time, my accomplishments have grown, and I find myself asking myself, “What question might Rich ask?”

Rev.Renee Rico

Transitional Pastor, University Presbyterian Church, Fresno, CA

“I have been encouraged, motivated, and counseled by Rich. As I’ve reflected on our interactions, I think of him as a tension-dweller: he is kind and approachable but not sugary or fake; he is spiritual and clearly believes God is personally at work, but I have not found him to be manipulative in any way; he is responsive, but not pushy or invasive. In short, he has proven to be a Christian leader I feel I can trust and whose words I can take seriously as I make decisions about my life (this is very high praise for me!).”

Dr. Andrew DeCort

Lecturer in Theology, Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“I had fairly clear goals, but I needed help at following through. Simply having a coach to interact with over my goals has been so helpful for keeping in front of my eyes what I most want to be working at. I feel particularly blessed, however, to have Rich as a coach, because he is a mature and gifted listener and doesn’t make himself the subject of our talks. He truly gets and dwells with the content of my situation and aims. And I’m happy to say that in the past few months I’ve made more consistent progress with my most important priorities than any previous time which I can remember. I’m feeling encouraged!”

Dr. Dusty Ellington

Lecturer in New Testament and Greek, Justo Mwale University, Lusaka, Zambia

“When I heard of this opportunity, I signed up because I was facing some dynamics in my church that had me puzzled. The issues related to vision, strategy and process.

Rich provided resources that were spot on. He offered advice, but sparingly and with grace. He asked a number of clarifying questions. The unexpected benefit for me was the result of speaking out load to a coach about matters that were complex, abstract and muddled. For me, dialogue was what I needed most to make the brain fog of uncertainty give way to focus and direction. Rev. Hansen will be a big help to all kinds of ministers and churches. He intuitively sensed what I lacked and helped me move forward. I am grateful.”

Rev. Dr. Patrick Sheahan

Head of Staff, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Fresno, California

“I am very thankful for the coaching that I received from Rich Hansen for my ministry.  Rich is easy to talk to and is a great listener.  He has many years of experience and offered important suggestions for me to consider.  He gave me some new frameworks with which to look at my ministry.  He helped me see what I was doing in a new way.  He helped me clarify what goals I wanted to work on and how to plan out some action steps to achieve those goals.  If you are looking for a coach to guide you in your ministry, I would strongly recommend Rich Hansen.”

Rev. Dr. Clark Cowden

Pastor, Northside Community Church – Terre Haute, IN and Emmanuel Methodist Church – West Terre Haute, IN

“Having worked with Rich for many years in various capacities, it is evident to me that he is someone who is himself a visionary, leader and  motivator. l have long admired and appreciated the strategic thinking and coaching that Rich provides. He understands how to effectively move people towards accomplishing their goals. If you or your staff were to utilize Rich in your strategic planning, I am certain that you will not only enjoy the experience but end up being better able to accomplish the important priorities of your ministry.”

Todd Slinde

President and CEO, Eagle's NEST US

 PERSONAL NEEDS I can help you address…

You seek a deeper—or renewed—sense of God’s calling.
  • I will facilitate practical ways you can discern your gifts and vocation from a variety of perspectives.
  • I will help you analyze how various opportunities might be the best fit for you.
You feel "stuck" spiritually, emotionally, relationally or professionally.
  • I will help you get to the core of why you feel “stuck”…by asking questions that help you peel away layers of confusion and look at your situation from different perspectives.
  • I will support you as you brainstorm possible action steps…especially so you won’t feel alone as you begin to move forward. 
You yearn to expand your, or your organization’s, vision.
  • I will help you pursue your own understanding of the visioning process and how to use it…it is definitely both an “art” and a “science.”
  • I will walk alongside as you construct and implement a step-by-step plan so your team will take ownership of its visioning process. 
You feel called to move in new—but potentially risky—directions.
  • I will help you carefully assess various options for change…including moving in your desired directions in ways you may not have yet considered.
  • I will ask questions to prompt deeper reflection so you can be confident you are headed in God’s direction.

TEAM NEEDS where I can help you…

Your church is no longer connecting with its community and is dying.
  • I can facilitate leadership discussions about how to transition to healthy change and expanded outreach without sacrificing key identities or theological heritage.
  • I can train groups in missional thinking and practice that will result in small, do-able action steps to re-engage your people with community needs.
You seek greater partnership and cooperation to get folks out of their “silo’s.”
  • I will meet individually with leaders to hear their concerns, then share a summary anonymously with the larger group and help the group “own” the issues impeding progress.
  • I facilitate discussions regarding potential structural changes that will encourage cooperation and enhance partnership.
Your church is at a crossroads: “Stay the course!” vs. “We must change!”
  • I can share my own 21-year experience leading a traditional mainline congregation into embracing significant long-term change without sacrificing its traditions…and the lessons I learned.
  • I can facilitate discussion that helps people see tradition and change as “both/and” rather than “either/or”…this opens up new possibilities for people with diverse perspectives to work together toward common goals.
You desire a strategic process that leads to growth, not just another report.
  • I can lead a team through a planning process that is biblically and spiritually focused, not just inserting business practices and principles into church planning.
  • I can train teams about the dynamics of church culture and worldview—two deeper realities that will determine the ultimate success or failure of any plan.


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