I’m writing this note from inside the Radcliffe Camera, the unique and iconic circular building in the center of Oxford University (see above photo).  

Marilyn and I are spending the month of August on study leave. The majority of our time will be at Oxford where I finished my last term of seminary in 1979 and which has, after three sabbaticals and other visits since then, become a special place for both of us.  

I’ll be using the resources of the Bodleian library, the second largest library in the UK after the national British library in London. The library’s website includes the followingt: every second someone interacts with electronic collections, every 14 seconds someone visits one of the 28 libraries in its system, every 21 seconds someone borrows one of its more than 12 million books.

My book will now be among those 12 million, as yesterday I had the opportunity to present a copy of Paradox Lost: Rediscovering the Mystery of God to the library staff.  

My goal these weeks is to use the library’s amazing resources to read about power, particularly how a Christian perspective of power differs from other views of power that play across our news feeds every day. I also plan to complete a study guide to Paradox Lost which I hope to publish early this fall.

I’ll return to my regular blog posts in early September.

With all good wishes,



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