Need More Power?  Find It In Weakness

Need More Power? Find It In Weakness

We all know what an icon is—a little picture you click on a screen to open an app. But before screens dominaed our lives, “icon” referred to the ornate altar paintings and crosses with images of Mary or Jesus used as focal points for Eastern Orthodox meditation and...

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Greetings from Oxford

I'm writing this note from inside the Radcliffe Camera, the unique and iconic circular building in the center of Oxford University (see above photo).   Marilyn and I are spending the month of August on study leave. The majority of our time will be at Oxford where I...

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How To Satisfy True Ambition

Is it possible for religious people to be ambitious? Our media present us with certain negative stereotypes—the financially grasping megachurch pastor, the Machiavellian church bureaucrat angling for moving up the ladder while caring little for people’s souls.  Both...

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My goal is helping you pursue powerful questions that will lead you to new discoveries—about yourself, the world around you and, especially, God. Join me exploring provocative questions that challenge our minds and deepen our faith.

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