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 My goal is helping you pursue powerful questions that will lead you into new discoveries—about yourself, the world around you and, especially, God.

Where others give answers that side-step nuance or mystery, I ask questions.   Questions open us up to new truth in ways that easy answers do not.  I believe this is particularly true for spiritual issues, where the Christian faith journey has often been described as “faith seeking understanding.”  My hope is pursue this journey in ways that challenge our minds and deepen our faith.

“I wouldn’t give a fig for the simplicity on this side of complexity…..but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.”

Do these words of Oliver Wendell Holmes resonate with you?

  • I write for people weary of simplistic answers.  By exploring complex issues, my hope is to emerge on the “other side” into a more genuine and truthful simplicity. 
  • I write for thinkers who believe reality is never captured in a Twitter message, and who need practical ways to keep believing in a “post truth” society.
  • I write for explorers who believe the X Files’ promise: “The truth IS out there.” My offer is to journey alongside together seeking the truth (and Truth) that inevitably expands our current worldviews.

Paradox Lost is a compelling and timely reminder that God transcends all the boxes we build for him.”

That’s what one reviewer said about my new book.

I wrote a book about how biblical paradox reveals that God is immensely bigger and more mysterious than our churches often present to us. Recognizing that God is greater than any system we use to describe him isn’t a barrier to faith, but the place where genuine faith begins. If there’s one subject about which we should ask questions, it’s God!  I try to do so.

“All you did was ask questions…”

That’s what one of my coaching clients said to me. 

Good coaching is rarely giving advice. Rather, excellent coaching is asking just the right question that unlocks new insights or opens unexpected paths forward.  In my professional coaching ministry, my most rewarding experience is when light bulbs go and people have ‘aha’ moments. 


My Personal Story

I have been a Pastor for 37 years, including 21 years at First Presbyterian Church of Visalia, CA, a congregation that experienced significant spiritual and missional renewal.

After years of preaching that Jesus’ disciples need to “step outside our comfort zones,” in 2010 my wife and I did just that!  We became missionaries in Ethiopia, where I taught theology at the only Protestant Christian graduate school in this nation of 90 million. It was a transformative experience in many ways.

We returned to the US in 2014 and I now coach, hold workshops on rediscovering God, and (in my spare time) serve as Interim Senior Pastor at The Village Presbyterian Church in Northbrook, IL, a suburb of Chicago.

My Family

My wife Marilyn is my best friend in the world and we have been married for 42 years.  We have three grown children–Nathan, Megan and Lauren–who along with spouses Milli and Joe make up the Hansen clan.

In my free time I love to be outdoors–hiking and backpacking, biking and especially sailing when I can. I hope sailing on Chesapeake Bay will figure prominently as a future retirement activity.  Marilyn and I have had many enriching opportunities to travel across God’s wide world and we love engaging new cultures.




My goal is helping you pursue powerful questions that will lead you to new discoveries—about yourself, the world around you and, especially, God. Join me exploring provocative questions that challenge our minds and deepen our faith.

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