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I had the privilege of attending a pastor’s retreat where Rich Hansen was our speaker.  I benefited greatly from Rich’s presentations.  Rich was informative, thoughtful, helpful and humble.  He was “easy to listen to.”  He didn’t come off as the specialist who had all the answers, but more, the coach who knew the right questions to ask.  His advice was practical and his years of pastoral experience gave him great insights into the situations pastors often face.  I was very encouraged by his style and his message. 

His book, Paradox Lost, was the basis of most of his presentations.  I would certainly attend another retreat or workshop where Rich was the speaker.  I can enthusiastically  recommend both Rich and his book. 

Rev. Dr. Rick Lemberg

Pastor, Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church, Oakhurst, CA

Participants’ Comments: “How has this retreat helped you in your ministry?”

  • How to be a change agent
  • Work for second order change
  • Understanding cultural differences
  • Living in a paradox is OK!
  • Better understand the times we are living in now
  • I realized I was focused on “trying harder”–need to re-evaluate
  • Encouraged me to try things outside the box

2017 Workshops 

In an increasingly paradoxical world, learning to seek truth in the tensions created between competing extremes is an important life skill. 

I offer opportunities for both church leaders and lay people to dig into the paradoxes of Scripture for themselves. Often they discover new ways into greater intellectual and emotional experience of God. 

My presentations can be adapted to any size audience from 1-2 hour classes or workshops to multi-day retreats.  Each includes lots of time for small group interaction and larger group discussion.

Sample Topics

  • Biblical Paradox 101—An Invitation to Spiritual Imagination
  • Finding a Way Forward in a Cultural Era of Tension and Paradox
  • Engaging Biblical Paradox to Promote Spiritual Growth, especially for People Who Prefer Easy Answers
  • Living Within the Tensions of the Christian Faith
  • Becoming more Faithful Disciples of Jesus—One Paradox at a Time
  • Cultivating a Church Culture That Can Thrive in the Midst of Ambiguity 

Topics Especially for Clergy

  • The Pastor as Leader–Leading When Congregations Feel Caught in the Tension Between Contradictions
  • The Pastor as Preacher– Preaching Strategies that Harness Biblical Paradox to Promote Spiritual Growth
  • The Pastor as Coach–Modeling Ways to Live with Ambiguity


My goal is helping you pursue powerful questions that will lead you to new discoveries—about yourself, the world around you and, especially, God. Join me exploring provocative questions that challenge our minds and deepen our faith.

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